Funky Monkey Bread (1-Pot Stovetop Cannabis Infused Coffee Cake): Cannabasics #59

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Funky Monkey Bread is a simple 1 pot, stovetop recipe for Cannabis Infused Pull Apart Coffee Cake thatโ€™s sticky, delicious & so easy a monkey can do it. Sponsor Free cannabis seeds & prizes, join their community & post your grow today!

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6 thoughts on “Funky Monkey Bread (1-Pot Stovetop Cannabis Infused Coffee Cake): Cannabasics #59

  1. Hey Matt, I don’t like putting the dried marijuana in but I already have cannabutter could I just stick to the butter and forget the dried bud? Thanks!

  2. Hi just made this. It tasted and looked good. But the time was wrong for me. I did it as you said. No way,
    It turned out 20 minutes in oven and turn it over and 7 or so longer. On the stove. I will try it again.
    I am excited about trying rest of the recipes that you have, so please keep them coming.

  3. hey Matt I haven’t made edibles ever and want to make this but I live in an apartment so i want to know if the infusion process stinks up everything

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